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           Florida State Certified Contractors License # CGC-1522147
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Home Remodeling and Design Building Specialist



          Home Improvements have Advantages:


Master Bath with double sinks


  • Improvements made to your home by Fitzgerald Construction Services LLC will provide beauty and value to your home.   Besides the self gratitude of installing Green sustainable features, and the life time of savings Green features will provide, these improvements may also qualify you for other discounts or credits.   Some of these discounts and credits, listed here below are Tax Credits for certain items approved by Energy Star and Insurance credits on features added to your home to protect you and your family from hurricane windstorm damages.

Tax Credits:Replacing windows or adding insulation to your home are among the remodeling improvements that will gain you the ability to qualify for the 2010,2011 tax credits offered by the government thru the Energy Star program.    To qualify you will need the original product receipt, Manufacturers Certification Statement and IRS Tax Form 5695.   To get the IRS Tax Form 5695, and instructions on how to submit for the tax credits, go to   Please note that not all Energy Star qualified products qualify for the Energy Star Tax Credit.     For a list of products and how to apply for the credit, visit
Wind Mitigation & Homeowners Insurance Discount:    By upgrading your home with windstorm preventative features, besides the peace of mind of protecting you and your family from windstorm hurricane damage, you may be eligible to receive insurance discounts for features that protect you and your family from Windstorm damage.    Many insurance companies provide discounts or credits for construction features proven to reduce damage from hurricanes.    These credits are not automatic, even on a new home, you have to ask your insurance company what level of discount is available for certain construction features, such as:
  •   Hurricane protection on all your windows and exterior doors, such as shutters or impact resistance windows and garage doors.Green Building

  •  A hip roof (sloped on all sides)

  • Roof to wall connections that are installed with hurricane clips and straps.  Discounts will vary depending on the type of connection such as toe nail, clips, single wrap, or double wrap.

  • Florida Building Code-approved roof covering, Discounts will vary depending on the type of covering such as asphalt, tile, or metal.


Contact to learn more about Wind Mitigation and discounts.    My Safe Florida Home provided home owners with free inspections and grants to identify areas of value of strengthening their homes.   Due to budget constraints, the program expired on June 30. 2009, but is currently pursuing funding for this program again.    My Safe Florida Home still continues today to provide Florida's homeowners information on how to strengthen their homes against hurricanes.



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