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                      Florida State Certified Contractors License #CGC-1522147
Green Building:                       

  Green Homes - Design, Building and Certification:
Contact us for all your Green building and designs and allow your dreams of that special project to come true.

  A Green Home is designed to have a positive impact on energy efficiency, environmental performance and human well being.      Green Building proposes a sustainable future for our nation through cost efficient and energy saving green buildings strategies.     A Green Home is better for your family's health, cost less to operate because its more energy efficient and has fewer negative impacts on our environment.    We can design Green features into any project type you have.    It can be a Green remodeling project or a new Green home.   Presently you can get government rebates and Tax credits for adding energy saving features


 Bamboo forest thrives for Green Building

 Bomboo trees make great looking hardwood floors and grow rapidly for quick replunishment



US Green Building Council:

Green Building is orchestrated by the  USGBC  (US Green Building Council).    USGBC is a non profit organization committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost efficient and energy saving Green Building.     USGBC works towards its mission of market transformation through its LEED Green Building Certification Program and affiliates.   


 Green Building exists to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated, enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life.


Green Homes use less energy, water and natural resources, create less waste and are more durable and comfortable for its occupants.    We can incorporate a Green design into any project you may have, a new custom home, a kitchen or bath Remodel or a complete refurbishing of your entire home.




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Leed Green Building Certification Program:  


Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for homes is a certified Green rating system that promotes the design and construction of high performance Green Homes and measures how well a home performs as a Green Home.    You gain points through the Leed Rating System for the performance of various construction practices and use of sustainable, recycled and reclaimed materials.   Although Leed was designed for new home construction, it will also work on renovation projects.


A third party independent inspector called "Leed Home Providers" provides verification that a building or community was designed and built using the strategies proposed for improving performance across all the metrics and design parameters involved.





            Leed is measured on eight performance areas:


  • Indoor Environmental Air Quality: Per the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) indoor air can contain toxins 10 times higher than outdoor air.    A Leed home is designed to maximize indoor fresh air and minimize exposure to toxins and pollutants.


  • Energy Efficiency:According to the US Government's "Energy Star Program", an average American household spends about $1500.00 per year on energy bills and     based on the average Energy Star score of the Leed homes built so far, Green homes can use about 30% less energy and some up to 60% less energy than a home built to International Code Standards for maximum energy efficiency.


  • Water Efficiency:Wasteful water use is both costly and risky as it uses up our resources.    Leed homes use innovative strategies to reduce a homes water use and to find creative ways to reuse water.


  • Site Selection:Leed encourages homes to be built close to schools, shopping, work and public transportation to better your quality of life and reduce the amount of time wasted in traffic.


  • Site Development: A Leed design positions your home so not to interfere with natural habitats or pollute waterways through storm water runoff.   We install landscaping and other elements that protect the land where the home sits.


  • Material Selections: Materials are carefully selected from sustainably harvested, responsibly processed sources.    Leed homes use sustainably harvested, recycled, reclaimed materials where ever possible.


  • Residents Awareness: Leed is proactive about educating homeowners and renters about the Green Home's features and how to get the highest performance from them.


  • Innovation: Leed encourages builders and designers to find innovative ways to increase a homes performance while promoting durability for a long lasting comfortable home.




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       To Register The Project :


  • We will contact and apply with a Leed Home Provider Service.



  • We confirm with the Home Provider Service that the project meets the criteria and is suitable for a Leed Home.



  • Upon approval from the Home Provider Program, we then must register the project with the USGBC.    Only a Member of the USGBC can register a project.   We will do this online at 



  • Registration is complete once the Fee is paid to USGBC.    Only a Member of the USGBC can apply and submit payment to the USGBC.




Getting A Green Home Leed Certification :


Registration: The Builder must contact LEED for a Home Provider Service and register with the Leed Home Program.



Rows of Wind MillsTeamwork: The builder, Architect, Engineer and Owners work together on the design and construction to optimize the benefits of a Green Home and ensure the design practices meet the criteria of a Leed home



Verification A third party inspector from the Home Provider Program inspects the home at significant milestones for compliance of design criteria.


Certification: Upon final inspection and diagnostic testing approval by the Home Provider Service Inspector, the home is awarded points for its achievements.    Based on the number of points received, the home could be certified at one of four possible levels.    The four levels are Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.






ReGreen, The Residential Remodeling Program:


ReGreen is a web site "" and affiliated with USGBC.    ReGreen uses guidelines that address all the major elements of any Green Renovation projects.  You can get government rebates and tax credits for remodeling features also.


Elements Include: Home Site; Water Efficiency; Energy and Atmosphere; Materials and Resources; Indoor Environmental Air Quality.


The Guide Lines blend product selection, building system integration and proven technologies into a compiled series of Green strategies and case studies that we can use to design your Green project.


We can apply the ReGreen Guide Lines to design any remodeling or refurbishing project you have.


We then place your design criteria into the "Green Strategy Generator" where we plug in the project details, scope of work and goals of the project and the Strategy Generator compiles a list of custom tailored Green applications and practices that we can implement into the project.





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