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                                  The Story 
The Extreme home is a New home built entirely with volunteers in both materials andExtreme Home Flag labor.     The Tate family, Tom, Cynthia and their three children,  of Davis Island, located outside of Tampa Florida, were chosen to receive a new home by the famous; ABC - Reality TV show, "The Extreme Makeover Home Edition".      This was to become a reality when ABC, joined forces with WCI Communities Inc.    An upscale Builder of Pre Designed Communities based out of Bonita Springs, Florida.       Eddie Hall and Richard Fitzgerald, now owners of Fitzgerald Construction Services LLC, were both part of the four man WCI leadership team lead by Tim Oak, Regional President for WCI, along with Rob Woods and Mark Carril,     The Team managed and oversaw the production and scheduling of the home as well as the many Construction Managers, and hundreds of Trade Partners, and Volunteers needed to meet or beat the 104 hour home building schedule. 
The Tates home was destroyed when a plan crashed into the home on June 12, 2006.

Cynthia Tate was the only one home at the time of the crash.     The pilot was killed along with the family pets, and the co-pilot was severely burned but survived and recovered.     Cynthia was lucky to escape without injury and was able to help pull the co-pilot out of the burning plane, but the home and everything in it was totally destroyed.     Then to make matters even worse, due to a clerical error, their home insurance had lapsed and they found themselves without insurance and unable to pay for their existing mortgage or any improvements to their destroyed home.


On January 7, 2007, the first day of the Extreme Makeover started with the Extreme Makeover Braveheart parade as Ty Pennington, the star of ABC’s Reality TV show, “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” introduced the Extreme Makeover Design Team to WCI’s CEO David Fry and the WCI Team.    David shared with the group by stating, "at WCI, The Experience is Everything, and this week our team is going to deliver an amazing experience to the Tate family”.     


Extreme Home kick off Parade

As the limousine took the Tate family away on their week vacation to Costa Rica, SWS Construction marched in to begin the demolition of the destroyed home.     Once the home was torn down and the site cleaned up, Collins Site Development had to remediate the earth on the home lot as it was contaminated with jet fuel from the crash.     Then it was time for WCI and all its trade partners and volunteers to start the construction of the 3500 square foot two story home.     The work continued day and night around the clock until the home was complete.     It was an amazing week and an incredible experience for all involved as the team achieved what many have called, “the most incredible residence the Extreme Makeover team has ever been involved with”


Between all the trades, plumbers, electricians, HVACs, framers, drywall, masons, stucco teams, inspectors, painters, roofers, tile setters, cabinet installers, pool installers, landscapers, architects, and carpenters, to mention a few, there was at least 300 people working in unison at any one time.    There moves had to be perfectly choreographed in order to get the jobs done.     As Eddie Hall explained, “It’s like a football team.   Each person plays their position, but they know if they don’t work together, they’re not going to win”.


But win we did, as we completed this magnificent 3500 Square Foot Spanish Style Home in 100 Hours, beating the allotted time of 104 hours.   It was the Super bowl of Home Building.      In 100 hours the team went from dirt to a dream come true home.   





The Goal; To take down the damaged home and build the family a new home .   

The Schedule; To complete the building of the new home with-in 104 hours.    


Extreme Home before work started

 The Exterior of the home before any work started.




Inside of Extreme home before the Make Over

 The interior of the home before any work started.




Construction Debris removed and hauled away

 The home was taken down and removed.






    THEN: 100 HOUR LATER !!!!!








100 Hours Later, The Extreme Home is Completed

 WOW!  The New Completed EXTREME HOME..... Done in 100 Hours.....   "The Experience is Everything"




                       MORE PHOTOS BELOW:   


Please see the 2 Slide Shows "Belowfor more photos 


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Extreme Home
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Slide Show #2
Extreme Home Continued
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 There were about 2000 people on site for the grand exposing of the Tates new home.   As the enthusiasm builds, the crown chanted,  Move That Bus!   Move That Bus!    Move That Bus!      As the bus finally moved away, The Tates and the crowd fell overwhelmed with joy and excitement as they peered at their new sparkling home.
We wish the Tate's a lifetime of joy and happiness in their new home! 



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